48HR – Mijn Stuk Gelijk

MY PIECE OF HAPPINESS (original title: Mijn Stuk Geluk)

This short romantic story tells the story of two women, who have been secretly in love for quite some time. Now, the time has come to inform their families. The film has been Officially Selected for the New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam 2017, The Roze Filmdagen 2017 (The Pink Filmdays) and the Thessaloniki International LGBT Film Festival 2017. It won Best Actress (both Marloes van den Heuvel and Hetty Heyting) and Best Sound Design during the Netherlands Film Festival 48HFP 2016 Competition. It was Runner Up Best Film and nominated for Best Directing and Best Script in that same competition  

Art Director |Evelien Stikkelman
Production Company | Kupenda Films
Director + Writer |Coen Haver + Astrid van Keulen





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