TV SERIE – Brussel

In the center of the EU’s power, everything revolves around influence and intrigue. It is the place of love, dreams and betrayal. Those who do not cheat are deceived … This drives the characters from Brussels to the city, where everything comes together on a fateful evening.

Production Design | Genaro Rosato
Ass. Production Design – Graphic Design | Evelien Stikkelman
Production Company | Endemol Shine – KPN
Director & Writer |Arno Dierickx – Leon de Winter

Software | Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Illustator – Adobe After Effects

 Schermafbeelding 2017-12-30 om 10.00.30.png

V63A3480.jpgSchermafbeelding 2017-12-30 om 10.54.17.pngSchermafbeelding 2017-12-30 om 10.53.53.pngTransoil3.jpgSetlife20.jpg

AmberAir3 kopie.JPG

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